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Pero Sensitive Ocean Fish & Tapioca 2kg - Forest Pet Supplies

Pero Sensitive Ocean Fish & Tapioca 2kg

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"A complete and nutritionally balanced dog food that is now being enjoyed by all breeds, after previously being a recipe specifically made for German Shepherds!

This super sensitive dog food is a god send for dogs suffering from Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), and to dogs with digestive issues. Its is a White Fish based recipe (31% content), and is completely Grain Free.

Tapioca is added to the recipe due to its incredibly gentle digestive action, as well as being an excellent and highly digestible carbohydrate. Your Dogs can now eat without any worry of an upset tummy afterwards!

High levels of Omega-3 are also present due to the added Salmon Oil, to ensure your dogs coat is kept healthy and glowing.

All of these ingredients, complemented with a range of all natural herbs and extracts provides your dog with a super premium, complete dog food that he/she will absolutely love."

Weight of Dog(kg)

Daily Feed(g)

1-5 30-100
5-10 90-185
10-20 150-310
20-30 255-420
30-40 350-520
 40+ 450+