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Pero Salmon & Brown Rice 12kg - Forest Pet Supplies

Pero Salmon & Brown Rice 12kg

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"Low Calorie Option for Dogs! – Suitable for all adult dog breeds

Our Low Calorie Salmon & Brown Rice recipe has been enjoyed by Labradors and Retrievers over many years, it is one of our long standing recipes, and for good reason!

This is THE Low Calorie option for your dog, this dog food contains 15% less fat than similar products on todays market, whilst being completely gluten free and containing a very generous 34% Fish content.

It is great for dogs suffering with digestive issues and sensitive stomachs, and contains a high level of Omega 3, to ensure your dog’s coat is kept in tip top condition!"

Weight of Dog(kg)

Daily Feed(g)

1-5 30-100
5-10 90-185
10-20 150-310
20-30 255-420
30-40 350-520
 40+ 450+