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Beaphar Bird Wormer 10ml

Beaphar Bird Wormer 10ml

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Carefully developed as an easy to use worming liquid for caged birds, BEAPHAR Bird Wormer effectively kills roundworms and hairworms, suitable for canaries, finches, budgies, parakeets and parrots weighing over 12.5g.

A UK veterinary medicine containing active ingredients, BEAPHAR Bird Wormer contains vet-strength levamisole hydrochloride, effective against roundworms and hairworms.  It is suitable for all types of cage and aviary bird, with an easy to use pipette treatment that can either be given directly into the beak or dissolved into drinking water following the recommended dosage.  One bottle of Beaphar Bird Wormer contains sufficient product to treat 50 budgies or 2-3 parrots.

  • With active ingredients to effectively kill roundworms and hairworms
  • With veterinary strength levamisole hydrochloride
  • Easy to use – Mix into drinking water or administer directly into the beak
  • Sufficient product to treat 50 budgies or 2-3 parrots
  • UK veterinary medicine for the treatment of roundworms and hairworms in caged and aviary birds
  • Suitable for all cage and aviary birds over 12.5g

Directions for Use: This wormer can be given directly into your bird’s beak or dissolved into their drinking water. Birds must weigh at least 12.5g before being treated with this product.

Administration through drinking water: Dissolve 80 drops (4ml) of Beaphar Bird Wormer into 100ml of water. Empty your bird’s current drinking bowl or bottle and replace the contents with the 100ml of treated water. Remove any bathing water and other access to water in the cage of aviary.  Allow your bird to drink this treated water as they wish.  For the duration of the treatment your bird must only obtain water from the bowl or bottle containing Beaphar Bird Wormer.  It is important to feed your bird as normal, but do not provide any other water or moistened food during this time.  After the appropriate duration of treatment, replace with clean, fresh water.  Duration of Treatment: Canaries and Finches – 24 hours. Repeat one week later if necessary. Budgies, Parakeets and Parrots – 48 hours. Repeat once every 4 weeks for heavy infections.

Administration directly into the beak: Weigh your bird carefully and give 1 drop per 12.5g of body weight, or use the table below the calculate the correct dosage.

Beaphar Bird Wormer DOSAGE GUIDE

Active Ingredients: Levamisole Hydrochloride 1% w/v.