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Allen & Page Organic Layers Pellets 20kg

Allen & Page Organic Layers Pellets 20kg

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Allen and Page organic layers pellets is a complete organic feed to include vitamins, minerals and omega 3 oils for good sized eggs and golden yolks.

This is only to be fed to chickens aged 16 weeks upwards. We recommend that pellets should be made available to chickens at all times along with clean fresh water. As a guide, each chicken should have access to 1kg of pellets per week on top of any treat that you may feed.

The pellet size is small which is suitable for bantams and ex battery birds. These can be fed using most poultry feeders or scattered on the ground (It is always easier to monitor feed intake when you use a feeder).

These organic layers pellets by Allen and Page are made with 100% organically grown ingredients and contain no synthetic ingredients, and are made in a drug free, non GM feed mill.

Soil Association Certified.

Feeding organic only feed to your poultry ensures the animals are not put at risk from chemicals often used in the production of non organic feeds believed to be harmful to both the chickens and the consumers of eggs. When the word organic is used, it is more than just the feed itself that is affected. Creating an organic feed is based on many principles which include: producing food to the highest quality with minimal processing, working within natural systems and cycles and ensuring sustainable crop rotations and using techniques that are not harmful to the land or wildlife as well as much more.


Organic Wheat, Organic Beans, Organic Linseed Expeller, Organic Alfalfa, Calcium Carbonate, Organic Maize, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Yeast, Sea Salt, Seaweed

Soil Association approved organic P2517 GB-Org-005
100% organically grown, agricultural ingredients
Rich in Omega 3 oils.
There are no synthetic vitamins or minerals in this feed.
The Organic Feed Company only source identity preserved (Hard IP) Non-GM ingredients.
The Organic Feed Company feeds are made from natural ingredients which can result in the feed changing colour slightly through the seasons.

Crude Protein: 16.0%
Crude Fibre: 5.0%
Calcium: 3.25%
Phosphorous: 0.7%
Methionine: 0.3%
Crude Oils and Fats: 3.0%
Crude Ash: 11.0%
Sodium: 0.18%
Lysine: 0.50%
Omega 3: 0.40%